'Apollo 18' director to helm 'Inertia'

Spanish director Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego (left) impressed so much with his film The King of the Hill (El rey de la montaƱa) that he was asked to helm Apollo 18, the sci-fi/horror slated to hit theaters later this year. 

Now, Lopez-Gallego is returning to Spanish-language films with Inertia. Here is the synopsis, according to Bloody-Disgusting:

Just another day and as usual Burman goes to work as a courier. Half way through the morning he is witness to a brutal car accident. A car goes up onto the pavement and runs over a boy. The driver flees the scene. The boy is very seriously injured. Burman calls an ambulance and then, without really thinking about it, hits the accelerator of his van to follow the car, which then speeds up to avoid being caught.

This turns out to be an everlasting day in which Burman will discover that nothing is as it seems and that behind what at first appears to be accidental, hides a intriguing mystery. To catch the driver and reveal his face will become an obsession that will make lead him to situations he could never have imagined.

Photo courtesy of: Bloody-Disgusting

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