Cover art for 'The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor'

EW has our first look at the cover art for Robert Kirkland and Jay Bonansinga's novel, "The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor" (see below). As fans of the graphic novel series already know, the Governor is a major villain in Kirkman's Walking Dead universe. Without spoiling anything - Rick & company first meet The Governor in the town of Woodbury, which he rules through fear and intimidation. 

The Governor was one of my favorite aspects of the graphic novels, and I am not alone - Frank Darabont, the man behind the Walking Dead tv series, has promised the villain will appear in AMC's show, as he is a huge fan of the character. 

A novel explaining the backstory of this man is a great idea, as there are a couple aspects left unexplained in Kirkman's graphic novels.  Judging by the cover art, it looks we will learn more about the Governor's daughter, whose appearances in the graphic novels are...interesting. 

Even better, this novel is only the first in a Kirkman-penned three-book-series based "The Walking Dead"! So far, there is no word on when "Rise of the Governor" will hit stores. 


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