'Dexter' Season 6 Casting News & Teaser

Today, TVLine announced that Colin Hanks (Tom's son) has joined the cast of Dexter for season 6. So far, there is no word on who he will play, but sources are speculating that he could be Dexter's next foe, like John Lithgow or Christian Camargo were previously.

And in case you have not seen it yet, Showtime just released a season 6 promo for Dexter, which shows hardly any of the new season but tantalizes nonetheless. The teaser promises that, "This fall, Hell breaks loose."

Could that screaming at the end be Deb? Hmmm. I'm really wondering if that character will get the axe this upcoming season since Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C. Hall's marriage has been troubled.  

Also, you may have noticed that teaser completely left out season 5. Granted, it did not have one singular serial killer foe like the other seasons, but I hope they are not simply ignoring it. Even if you hated the Lumen story arc - season 5 had Liddy! Peter motherfucking Weller! Show some respect!

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