First look at 'Army of Darkness: Defense' for iPhone

Alright, you primitive screwheads, listen up! The iPhone has new game called "Army of Darkness: Defense" from Backflip Studios. Despite the disappointing fact that the picture to the left horribly misspells "Klaatu", you might want to check he game out.

According to FEARNET, the game is: Set during the infamous scene in Army of Darkness where the Deadites are raiding Arthur's castle for the Necronomicon, Army of Darkness: Defense casts players in "the role of the chiseled chin, one-liner-spouting Ash while summoning familiar troops, spells and weapons from the movie to help in the defense."  The game also features over 150 lines of dialogue from Bruce Campbell playing the inimitable Ash, as well as featuring other famous characters as Evil Ash, Sheila, and the Wiseman.  

The game is currently available from the iTunes Store for both iPhone/iPod Touch and the iPad for 99 cents and $2.99 respectively.

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