Lloyd and Rhames to battle Piranha again

Not long ago, it was announced that Gary Busey would be joining the cast of Piranha 3DD. Now it has been revealed that a few of the first film's actors will be returning, including Christopher Lloyd, Ving Rhames (huh?), and Paul Scheer. Now, those who saw the first film will understand my "Huh?" as we watched Ving presumably get turned into man-mulch by a pack of flesh-eating fish. Then again, it's a silly horror movie, so they can do whatever they want. I, for one, hope they at least get creative with it. A twin brother, perhaps? They should go all Beerfest and have Rhames act the same and ask to be called by his dead brother's name. Ha!

I'm curious to see if Elisabeth Shue will reprise her role, as well. I'd love to see Adam Scott come back - his fate at the end of the first film was left open (more so than Rhames), so maybe there is a chance. And most important of all, I want Greg Nicotero to be involved again. His gore FX made Piranha 3D what it was:

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