NECA acquires the license for ‘Evil Dead 2’ toys

NECA has announced that they have acquired the rights to release a line of Evil Dead 2 toys. The toy company has a long history of putting out fantastic horror-themed action figures, so you know these are going to be great.

The prototype for Ash will be revealed at the San Diego International Comic-Con this July, and should be out by October 2011. Hopefully a long line of ED2 toys will follow. The horror sequel has so many characters that have never been immortalized in plastic. There is so much potential - Annie, Jake, Evil Ed, Linda, Henrietta (!!!!). Not to mention Ash has multiple incarnations – regular two-handed Ash; Ash with a bandaged stump; possessed Ash; or Ash with the iconic arm-mounted chainsaw. 

As a huge NECA fan and the biggest Evil Dead 2 fan on the planet Earth, I am freaking PSYCHED for this! I already own all five NECA Cult Classic versions of Ash from Army of Darkness, which is my least favorite film in the franchise, so you imagine my excitement for these new toys. I can feel my wallet getting lighter already….

(Nobody seems to notice that two of the screengrabs are not from Evil Dead 2....)

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