New stills from Nacho Vigalondo's 'Extraterrestre'

If you saw 2007's Timecrimes, then you probably already know that Nacho Vigalondo is a director to watch. His debut feature was a fantastic piece of science fiction, and hopefully his follow-up, Extraterrestre (aka Extraterrestrial), will live up.

According to IMDB, this plot is as follows:

Everyone knows what to do if one morning the sky would be absolutely full of UFOs: run as fast as you can. However, what would happen if the invasion started while you are in the flat of the girl of your dreams, the one you have just met? 

Sounds like the film will have a bit of a humorous quality to it, with some romance tied in. Quiet Earth has some new stills from the film. Here is a taste:

And in case you have not seen this nerd-tantalizing poster yet, check it out (I love it!):

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