'[REC]2' R1 DVD Details Revealed!

As surprised as I was when the Spanish POV horror movie [REC] turned out to be amazing, I was even more shocked when I saw the sequel. Taking the series in a familiar yet new direction, [REC]2 is a great sequel as well as a solid stand-alone horror film. It combines the zombie scares we loved from the first film with religion and demonology, which always guarantees eerieness. 

Now the DVD is finally coming to the United States and Fangoria has the details: 

The movie will be presented in anamorphic 1.85:1 widescreen with 5.1 audio (in Spanish with English subtitles); special features include:
• Deleted and extended scenes
• Behind-the-scenes featurettes
• A walk-through of the set
• REC 2 on tour
• Sitges Film Festival press conference

Movies like [REC] and its sequel are the reason I bought an all-region DVD player. But for the rest of you who lack this luxury, start getting excited because [REC]2 hits stores July 12th! 

Also, the first images from [REC]3 are beginning to land. Like this one, courtesy of TwitchFilm:

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