Scottish zombie flick 'Attack of the Herbals' picked up

According to ShockTillYouDrop, Camelot Entertainment Group and DarKnight Pictures have acquired the Scottish horror-comedy Attack of the Herbals. Some are saying this will be Scotland's answer to Shaun of the Dead (*side note, is anyone else as sick as I am of hearing that comparison? 'This year's Shaun of the Dead!' 'This country's Shaun of the Dead!' It's old, overused, unoriginal, and so rarely true anyway).

The film is about two friends who happen upon a mysterious crate full of herbal tea, which they then sell to the locals to save their small town. Unfortunately, the addictive tea begins turning townfolk into crazy zombies.

Check out the official site for Attack of the Herbals here. And below is one of the trailers:

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