Trailer: 'BAIT 3-D'

Last year, I saw a promotional teaser for a bizarre Australian flick called Bait. In the video, the director discussed his vision for a movie about sharks in a supermarket. Yes, a supermarket. I spread it about Facebook and laughed but here now is the trailer for the completed movie - in 3D no less! It actually looks better than expected, and the shark animatronics are incredible. 

The plot, for those who care, involves a tsunami that creates a huge flood, or as the poster puts it: "A tidal wave just flipped the local food chain!" One consequence of the flooding is saltwater sharks messing shit up on "land" including a grocery store where a handful of people are trapped. And while director Russell Mulcahy may seem a bit nutty, he is the man who brought us Highlander and motherfuckin Razorback (so he knows his killer animals). Check out the new trailer for Bait 3-D below, followed by that original teaser which includes the amusing concept art:

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