Trailer: Cillian Murphy in 'Retreat'

For my money, any movie about a couple fending off a pyschopath in their home is worth watching. In Carl Tibbet's Retreat, we get Cillian Murphy and Thandie Newton as a couple who go on an island retreat in an attempt to fix their failing marriage. Yawn. Thrillers have been there, done that. Things get interesting when a wounded man (Jamie Bell) washes up on the otherwise uninhabited island. On top of that, this stranger tells them the rest of Europe is being ravaged by an airborne virus! As far as I can tell from the trailer, Bell's character then goes ape-shit on them and they have to defend themselves.

I'm happy to see Murphy as the hero instead of the psycho for once, and Bell looks fantastic as said psychopath. This looks to be the first time I've ever given a shit about Jamie Bell - to me, he's always just been that little ballet kid. 

Here is the trailer, courtesy of Quiet Earth:

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