Trailer: Cowboys & Zombies

The little zombie film once known as The Dead and the Damned has evidently been retitled, Cowboys & Zombies. Not only did they simplify (and thus dumb down) the movie title but they clearly did so to exploit the forthcoming release of Cowboys & Aliens - right down to the ampersand. This is highly disappointing. Cheap marketing aside, the movie may be worth a look. The production value is surprisingly adequate. Here is the rundown:

It is 1849 in Jamestown California and the Gold Rush is in effect. The local miners are eager to search everyday hoping to come out on top with the best and most gold from the hills and valleys. During an expedition the miners stumble upon a fallen meteor and they bring it into town and unknowingly release deadly spoors located inside. Soon the town's population begins to turn into deadly blood-thirsty zombies and mutants. Will the remaining townsfolk survive this unspeakable event?

Take a look at the trailer below, courtesy of QuietEarth:

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