'Midnight Meat Train' Director to Helm WWE's horror film, 'No One Lives'

From the studio that brought you See No Evil comes a new horror film. Only this time, WWE Studios has got their hands on a decent director - Ryƻhei Kitamura, who made such cult Japanese flicks as Versus and Azumi. He also made his Hollywood debut with Midnight Meat Train. According to Fangoria, No One Lives is about:

"A group of modern-day highwaymen kidnap a traveling couple and hold them hostage in a remote house. The girl winds up getting killed and an experienced killer starts taking out the gang, one of whom will be played by Luke Evans (Clash of the Titans)." 

Surprisingly, no wrestlers have been cast yet. Hopefully they keep it that way. The first part of the plot sounded dull and derivative to me, but I am liking the second half. Sure, these "victims-turn-the-tables" horror movies are beaten to death, but I never get sick of them, especially if there is some trained killer involved, picking off the rednecks.

The film will be co-produced by Pathe UK and the script is penned by David Cohen. Production begins June 13th in New Orleans.

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