First hints dropped about season 7 of 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia'

The ScreenJunkies recently visited the set of the FX comedy It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia with production on season 7 currently underway. Evidently the season premiere, which airs sometime this September, will be quite dark and "a realistic version of Pretty Woman"  - that is to say, Frank (Danny DeVito) proposes to a prostitute.

We can also look forward to  episodes about the 2012 apocalypse, child beauty pageants, and the Gang going to the New Jersey shore. Thankfully, they have assured us that episode will NOT be about the obnoxious cretins from that reality show. That subject managed to make even South Park unfunny, so I would hate to see Sunny go down that path.

As for cameos, Jason Sudekis is expected to return and Jon Polito (right) will play Frank's brother. That is some fantastic casting - I always thought Polito was like the Coen Brothers' Danny DeVito. Even their names rhyme! Also, rock band Kings of Leon is expected to make an appearance on the show! Evidently, they are big fans of Sunny, and "not huge fans of Glee" says Sunny writer/star Rob Maclhenney. I already liked Kings of Leon, but that fact just made them even cooler!

We should be seeing more of the Waitress as well, and god willing, I hope we see more of the McPoyles and Rickety Cricket. Who could ever get enough of them?

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