'Human Centipede 2' banned in the UK

The Human Centipede II, the sequel to Tom Six's already-infamous 2009 horror film, has been rejected by the British Board of Film Classification, meaning it is illegal to sell the DVD in the UK. According to Empire Online, the ruling is based on the BBFC's judgment that the film is "sexually violent and potential obscene." 

While the first film was fairly tame given all the hype, it sounds like Six will be going all-out on this follow-up. The BBFC's ruling mentioned that the sequel involves "sexual arousal of the central character at both the idea and the spectacle of the total degradation, humiliation, mutilation, torture, and murder of his naked victims. Examples of this include a scene early in the film in which he masturbates whilst he watches a DVD of the original Human Centipede film, with sandpaper wrapped around his penis, and a sequence later in the film in which he becomes aroused at the sight of the members of the ‘centipede’ being forced to defecate into one another’s mouths, culminating in sight of the man wrapping barbed wire around his penis and raping the woman at the rear of the ‘centipede’."

*sigh* It's bad enough that the first movie was all idea and not substance, based purely on "Oh how shocking a premise!" but now the sequel is trying to go full-on A Serbian Film and see how far it can push the envelope. What ever happened to story-telling? Any idiot can write down a bunch of sick shit on scrap paper, toss it into a hat, and pull out a "screenplay" like this. Dear Tom Six: going to the lowest moral denominator does not automatically make it a quality horror film. This new genre trend is really bugging me. It's worse than torture porn, and I am already sick and tired of it.

According to Empire, Tom Six responded as such: 

"Thank you BBFC for putting spoilers of my movie on your website and thank you for banning my film in this exceptional way. Apparently I made an horrific horror-film, but shouldn't a good horror film be horrific? My dear people it is a f*cking MOVIE. It is all fictional. Not real. It is all make-belief. It is art. Give people their own choice to watch it or not. If people can't handle or like my movies they just don't watch them. If people like my movies they have to be able to see it any time, anywhere also in the UK.”

But I guarantee he is eating this shit up because all it does is drum up more hype and drive people to the theatres to see the film "so shock it had to be banned!" Bah.

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