Trailer: Sci-fi robot short 'Archetype'

Aaron Sims has worked in the special effects field on such as films as Evil Dead II, Men in Black, Gremlins 2, War of the Worlds and The Mist. He has designed some of the most memorable creatures in cinema history. He has also put his skills to use as a director on such shorts as "Vermilion" and "Paralyzed." His latest short, 'Archetype' looks fantastic, with some incredible robot effects.  

'Archetype' is about a combat robot called RL7 that starts to remember when it was once human. Now the corporation that created RL7 will stop at nothing to destroy him, as he searches for the truth behind his memories. Sounds a bit like Robocop, but probably with more heart and beauty. In other words, I can't wait!

Take a look at the trailer, courtesy of QuietEarth:

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