Awesome 'Chillerama' Poster

The much-anticipated anthology Chillerama has a new poster and it is full of awesome. The film is divided into four horror-comedy segments, respectively directed by Adam Green (Hatchet), Tim Sullivan (2001 Maniacs), Adam Rifkin (Look), and Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2). Each segment is an homage to a different style or sub-genre (zombies, classic monster movies, etc). All four directors are known and loved within the genre film industry, and they are big fans of genre film themselves, so this is sure to be a lot of fun. Take a peek below at the new poster (c/o of Joe Lynch's Facebook), unveiled for the International Comic-Con in San Diego this week:

The poster was designed by artist Phil Roberts, who also illustrated the cover art for Rifkin's Detroit Rock City. Pretty cool, eh?

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