Fantastia Film Festival '11 Line-Up

The good folks behind Montreal's Fantastia Film Festival must be conspiring to give me a panic attack as this year's festival has pretty much every genre film I have been anticipating over the last year. They just released the full line-up and it is staggering. Here are some of highlights of the films having their Canadian premieres:

- John Landis' BURKE AND HARE starring Andy Serkis and Simon Pegg

- Joe Cornish's sci-fi ATTACK THE BLOCK (our review)

- Kevin Smith's controversial RED STATE

- Lucky McKee's even-more-controversial THE WOMAN 

- Israel's first slasher film, RABIES

- Xavier Gens (Frontiers)' THE DIVIDE

- Miguel Angel Vivas's KIDNAPPED, the horror film already making a lot of waves in the genre
- From Deadgirl screenwriter Trent Haaga, the horror-comedy CHOP

- New Zealand horror, THE DEVIL'S ROCK (trailer)

- The Netherlands' own killer Santa movie, SINT

- Trippy sci-fi, BEYOND THE BLACK RAINBOW (trailer)

- The wicked black comedy, SOME GUY WHO KILLS PEOPLE (trailer)

- High-school slasher film, DETENTION (trailer)

- From director Sion Sino (Love Exposure), COLD FISH

- Apocalyptic Argentinian horror, PHASE 7 (trailer)

- WWE meets monsters in MONSTER BRAWL (trailer)

- Existential vampire flick, MIDNIGHT SON

- Australian shark thriller, THE REEF

And many, MANY more. It makes my head spin. Check out the complete list at Bloody-Disgusting.

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