UPDATE: Trailer & Poster for 'The Thing' Revealed

UPDATE: The trailer has landed! Scroll down to check it out!

Thanks to its unimaginative title, Matthijs van Heijningen Jr.'s The Thing is sure to inspire a lot of groans and complaints from fans of John Carpenter's original. But upon further inspection, you will learn that the 2011 film is not a remake but a prequel. Remember those Norwegian scientists from the beginning of the 1982 movie? This film shows us what happened to them before MacReady and company arrived at Outpost 31. 

UPDATE: The trailer has arrived, and looks quite awesome:

I love how the sets, such as the shed where the creature is first kept, and the research station interior, looks identical to how it looked in the original movie. In other words, the filmmakers are being very careful with consistency between the films, and for that I am so excited!

The film, set for an October release, also has an official poster and it is a beauty. Take a look: 

I absolutely LOVE that tagline. It's hard to compete with the original's tagline - "Man is the warmest place to hide" - but "It's not human. Yet." is pretty damn close. A fitting tagline if I ever heard one. And the poster is simplistic and gorgeous. That hand! I love it. I only wish they had changed the title to accurately represent the fact that this is NOT a remake. Oh well. I'm still excited. 

The film stars Joel Edgerton and Mary Elizabeth Winstead. The director promises fidelity to Carpenter's film and has insisted on the use of practical effects. So I, for one, am sold. October can't come soon enough!

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