Trailer: 'Re-Kill'

This past weekend's International Comic-Con in San Diego brought many, many treasures - one of which is a new peek at After Dark Originals' zombie flick, Re-Kill. Though it may look a bit derivative of [REC] and other zombie films, this one still looks pretty bad-ass. The synopsis is as follows:

It's been five years since the Outbreak, and the zombie menace is supposed to be waning. But the brave men and women of R-Division, who find and destroy the undead, are seeing signs of a second Outbreak, which humanity may not survive. Footage about the men and women of R-Division and their grim, dangerous, but essential job of exterminating re-animated humans was shot the week previous by an embedded journalist during a long, deadly day. Only the film survived.

Trailer c/o BeyondHollywood:

Even the poster is bad-ass:

What do you think?

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