'[REC]3: Genesis' Teaser

The Spanish horror flick [REC] could have easily been another brainless (pun intended) zombie film and/or another Blair Witch Project POV wannabe. Instead, it was one of the best freaking horror films of the last decade. And then something even more unexpected happened - its sequel [REC]2 was as good if not better than its predecessor! So as you can imagine, I am pretty stoked for the third installment. Here is our first look:

UPDATE: DreadCentral has a version with English subtitles. Check it out here.

Director Paco Plaza is returning solo this time, while his collaborator Jaume Balaguero will be helming the forthcoming fourth installment, Apocalypse. With [REC]3: Genesis, the filmmakers have dropped the POV style, which is a bold move, but probably a wise one - you can only do so much with that style, it gets old so fast. It was impressive they even kept it fresh through 2 films. 

The third installment has also moved away from the claustrophobic apartment complex and into wide-open spaces, but the writers promise the 3 films' plotlines are still very much connected. And rumor has it, the tone of the film will be much more comical this time around. Another bold but interesting move as the first two films excelled at being intense. But I will never turn away a good slapsticky horror :)

Anyone else really excited? Or are you dreading all the changes? 

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