Teaser: "Soul Man"

Have you ever wondered, "What would it look like if Pixar made a blaxploitation film?" Well, wonder no more, as French animation artist Guillaume Ivernel (Dragon Hunters) is working on an amibitious 3-D animated sci-fi/blaxploitation project, Soul Man. Set in an alternate world built on two levels, "Soul Man" turns on a former Polish detective entangled in a shady multibillion-dollar biotech deal -- the key to which is a baby girl the detective is asked to look after.

The first teaser was released 6 months ago, and now we have another. Both can be found on Blacklight Movies' Vimeo. Here is the latest:

SOUL MAN™ Teaser 2 Guillaume Ivernel (Blacklight Movies) from Blacklight Movies on Vimeo.
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