'The Thing' Red-Band Trailer

I have been a staunch supporter of this prequel to John Carpenter's 1982 masterpiece despite all the strikes against it. I genuinely hate the recycled, misleading title (makes no sense if it isn't a remake) but once the filmmakers assured the use of largely practical FX and the fact that the film is pure prequel, I jumped on-board.

The trailers thus far have not shown us much but now a red-band trailer has arrived, chock-full of creatures and dead Norwegians. It may spoil some character deaths, FYI. You have been warned. Here it is, courtesy of IGN:

While exciting still, I am a little torn about this new trailer. There is more CG than practical here but the CGI looks good, and looks to be used only where practical can not. Of course, if Rob Bottin was involved, they wouldn't need ANY computer-generated FX. But alas, the 80s are gone, I need to let that go....*sigh*

What DOES irk me, however, is one particular scene in this trailer. There is a moment where "the thing" kills a man in front of another man. This bothers me because the "thing" in Carpenter's film never did that, unless perhaps it was cornered and desperate. But this one looks to leap out of a hiding spot to attack somebody in plain sight. This is simply not its MO - it prefers to attack in private, so that nobody knows who was assimilated and when. Obviously, I do not know the context of this scene, and it may make sense when I see it. I truly hope that is the case and I am wrong about all this.

What are your thoughts? 

The Thing hits theaters on October 14th.

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