Blu-ray Specs for 'Intruder'

Scott Spiegel's 1988 gore extravaganza Intruder is coming to Blu-ray this December 13th from Synapse Films. This slasher took place in a supermarket and starred Evil Dead alum Sam & Ted Raimi, Bruce Campbell (in a cameo), and Danny Hicks. This will be a 2-disc director's cut so you can enjoy all the uncut splattery goodness.

According to Fangoria, the release will also comes with a making-of featurette, "Night Crew" outtakes, cast audition tapes, director commentary, and never-before-scene extended death scenes. It does not seem like the full 1979 short, "Night Crew" will be included, unfortunately. Ah well, I'll settle for the outtakes.

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