Off-Beat Halloween Costumes Inspired by 2011 Films

Halloween is just over two weeks away - do you have your costume ready yet? If not, Viewer Discretion Advised has some off-beat costume ideas inspired by some of this year's films. Sure, you could go as Captain America or zombie Amy Winehouse like everyone else, but where's the fun in that? We'll tell you how to put some awesome costumes together, and we break them down by difficulty level and expense. Take a look:

Hobo with a Shotgun

Dress up as everyone's favorite homeless hero! Hit up the local thrift store to find some used flannel or an old parka. If you have dark hair, grey it with some flour and throw on a black beanie to complete the hobo look. If you are really into the details, perhaps a bear shirt like this one? Don't forget to spatter some fake blood on those clothes. Then of course you need a shotgun - preferably, a safe plastic one.

Difficulty: Easy
Expense: Cheap

Or if heroes are not your thing, how about the villainous douches, Slick and Ivan? You can get a black and white varsity jacket on eBay for $30, and use white iron-on letters or fabric paint (found at a crafts store) to spell out "SLICK" or "IVAN" on the back. For clothes, you need only a black t-shirt, black jeans, and a white belt. Grease your hair and toss on some sunglasses and you're set. Ice skates optional.

Difficulty: Easy
Expense: Moderate

The Human Centipede: Full Sequence

It takes a lot of balls (and strong knees) to pull this one off but it will certainly turn heads. Get yourself two blow-ups dolls (if you're bashful about the adult shop, try Spencer's Gifts), knee-pads, and some bandage material. Use the above photo as a guide. Or if you are really courageous, you can recuit two very good friends....

Difficulty: Moderate
Expense: Cheap/Moderate (depending on the blow-up dolls)


Who wouldn't want to dress up like this badass getaway driver? The jacket is not cheap but it is awesome and essential. You can find the officially licensed replica here for $150, but knock-offs are probably out there. You could cover it with fake blood like the movie but for a jacket this nice (and costly), I wouldn't dare. You can get driving gloves with knuckle holes on eBay for $15. Now pop a tooth pick in your mouth and don't forget a hammer!

Difficulty: Easy
Expense: Pricey

Attack the Block

These "gorilla wolf motherfuckers" are so simple yet so awesome. They would certainly make one unique costume if you could pull it off. A fuzzy black gorilla costume (or this hideous thing) and glow-in-the dark fangs? It could work. B'lieve, brov.

Difficulty: Moderate
Expensive: Moderate


If you are a scrawny guy with no shame, boy, do we have a costume for you! Strip down to your tighty-whities (or black pants, if you must). Now throw on a stringy dark wig and draw on some tattoos with a Sharpie. Don't worry if they look cheap - so do his. See the gunshot-to-the-head design above for the chest, and on the back, have someone draw you a hand with middle finger extended. A cigarette makes a nice prop.

Difficulty: Easy
Expense: Cheap (only the cost of your dignity)

30 Minutes or Less

A strange choice, sure, but who says one of this year's better comedies can't get some love? Especially when Spirit Halloween stores sell both the chimp and gorilla masks. Why be a lame Rise of the Planet of the Apes costume when you can don a workman's jumpsuit (two words: thrift store), or a metal tee + jacket to become Nick Swardson or Danny McBride? You don't have to kidnap a pizza boy on Halloween night...but it helps.

Difficult Level: Easy
Expense: Moderate


For the ladies, get yourself a used wedding dress (try the thrift store), some white feathers, and chocolate pudding to re-create that hilariously infamous scene. If you've seen the movie, you know what to do with that pudding. Not the sexiest costume this Halloween but you will definitely get brownie (hehe) points for it.

Difficulty: Easy
Expense: Cheap/Moderate (depending on the dress)


If you prefer scary over funny, this film offers up a variety of possibilites for both genders. First, there's the male demon. Spirit sells costume goat legs for $30 and devil hands for $10. Use black body paint to cover your torso, or wear a skin-tight black shirt. For the head, use fangs, black and red makeup, and a bald-cap-with-hair to recreate the look above. Small hoop earrings and contacts are nice but you can probably get by without. For maximum effect, play "Tiptoe Through the Tulips" on a continuous loop wherever you go.

Difficulty: Difficult
Expense: Moderate/Pricey

And what of the ladies? Well, grab a friend and go as these ghostly sisters by painting your faces stark white with black lipstick in a 1920s style pout. Add frilly white dress (like this babydoll one here) and you are set. Creepy smile necessary.

Difficult: Easy
Expense: Moderate/Expensive

And of course - the old hag. This costume works well for a woman or a man (in the film, she was in fact portrayed by a guy). For this you want to zombify your face with grey and black FX makeup and find a gothic black gown of some kind (or a witch costume may suffice). And a black veil, of course. Carry around a spooky red candle for effect.

Difficulty: Moderate
Expense: Moderate/Expensive

More Miscellanous Costumes

Hanna: A long, blonde wig, some furry winter gear, and a bow + arrows. Done.

Fright Night: For the guys, a wifebeater, fangs, and fake blood will suit a Jerry costume. Black contacts if you are really ambitious. Ladies, go as Amy with a Marilyn Monroe like dress and vampire fangs. For either, a latex appliance may help with the effect. 

The Thing: Some tattered clothing, fake blood, and this awesome mask would make for a unique costume  - and just in time for this month's prequel.

So there you have it. Now you have no excuses for not having an awesome costume this Halloween. Anyone come up with another cool movie costume? We'd love to hear it in the comments below!

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