Trailer: 'Hostel: Part III'

The next installment in the Hostel franchise lands on unrated DVD this December 27th. This time Eli Roth has stepped down as director, and taking his place is Scott Spiegel, an executive producer of the first two films. Or as he is better known to me, the director of Intruder and the co-writer of Evil Dead 2. So at least it is in fairly capable hands in Roth's absence.

Now the bad news - Hostel: Part III takes the Elite Hunting Club to Las Vegas, where a bachelor party turns deadly as four friends are held captive and tortured/killed by rich sickos. The Sin City setting suits the theme of this franchise but the grungy Eastern European atmosphere is truly missed here. It was a large part of the first two films' creepiness.

Bloody-Disgusting has the trailer and DVD cover art. Take a look:

Looks pretty cheap and cheesy to me. Why is this Vegas killer wearing the old Slovakian gear? It looks so out of place, and there is nothing like that in the trailer. What do you think?
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