Trailer: 'Silent House'

Fresh on the heels of me naming the original Silent House among my favorite genre films of 2011, the trailer for the American remake has landed. Now before you start groaning and bitching about that evil "r" word, know that there is a very real possibility this update could match if not improve upon its scary but somewhat flawed source material. Take a look (try to ignore how obnoxious and Texas-Chainsaw-remakey this trailer is):

Like the original film, this one will be (supposedly) all one continuous take and thus play out in real time. Elizabeth Olsen is a good fit for the role, and Martha Marcy May Marlene made be an insta-fan of hers.

Many scary shots from the trailer are carbon copied from the original Uruguayan film. The filmmakers (who made Open Water) clearly saw what worked and took it. There has been some hope that the ending of this film would be different, as the original ending left something to be desired. However, there are a few shots in this trailer that suggest the ending will not be all that different. But we shall see. 

What do you think of the trailer? Look like something you'll see?

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