Trailer: 'Dead Sushi'

Japanese genre filmmaker Noboru Iguchi (Machine Girl) is at it again with Dead Sushi. TwitchFilm has our first ridiculous look at the film that promises "Sushi Action!", "Sushi Violence!" and "Sushi Erotica!" That last one should get your imagination flowing. This trailer is not quite as hilarious as RoboGeisha ("FRIED SHRIMP!") but once again the narrator knocks it out of the park. Take a look:

Not exactly an award winner but bound to deliver some great "WTF?" moments. Unfortunately, I have yet to see Yoshihiro Nishimura attached to this project, which probably explains why the FX do not look nearly as creative and wild as Iguchi's previous films. 

Look like something you'll see (drunk or otherwise)?

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