Trailer: 'Pusher'

Remakes are known for eliciting knee-jerk reactions, especially remakes of beloved genre films. But every now and then remake comes along that is just so perplexing it's hard to decide if you should be groaning or giddy. Such is the case with Luis Prieto's Pusher, a British update of Nicolas Winding Refn's Danish crime drama about a drug dealer who gets in over his head. If Refn's name rings a bell, it's because he just made a little movie you might have heard of called Drive. Needless to say, this remake could not have arrived at a better time. Take a look:

I am a big Refn fan, particularly of his Pusher trilogy. I see no reason why those films should ever be remade. That is not to say it cannot be good - look at Let Me In or Fincher's The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. English-language remakes can be quality filmmaking but are often still superfluous. 

However, here is where Prieto's Pusher is interesting - not only does it have Refn's blessing but he is the executive producer! Even weirder, Zlatko Buric reprises his role as the film's villain, Milo. Another big aspect luring me in is Richard Coyle who plays the lead, Frank. Coyle, most widely remembered as Jeff on Coupling, breaks free of that lovable, comedic mold completely here. I am dying to see how he handles this intense role, and the casting doors it will no doubt open for him. 

So, does this look like something you'll see? Any Refn fans want to chime in? 

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