Best Non-Horror TV Shows for Horror Fans

I recently wrote an article dedicated to the Five Best Horror Shows on TV. While programs like Dexter or True Blood are geared directly toward horror fans, there are actually a lot of stellar dramas currently on television that I would not classify as horror but exhibit all the visceral intensity horror fans love. They have over-the-top violence and gore, cult character actors, and creepy monsters. Without further adieu, here are some great non-horror shows for horror fans:

Boardwalk Empire (HBO)

This Martin Scorsese-developed drama about the seedy criminals of 1920s Atlantic City will obviously appeal to fans of gangster films, but the fantastic cast and brutal violence will also appeal to lovers of horror. From Richard Harrow's mutilated face to the countless graphic murders, Empire is arguably the most violence show currently on-air. Furthermore, horror fans will love the cast full of genre actors, including Steve Buscemi, Michael Pitt (Funny Games), Michael Shannon (Bug), Shea Whigham (Splinter), and countless more. 

Doctor Who (BBC America)

Although easily the most light-hearted entry on this list, Doctor Who has thoroughly creepy episodes and unforgettable villains. Current show-runner Steven Moffat has created some of the greatest monsters in television history, ranging from eerie children to murderous robots and statues to memory-wiping aliens. The show has also given us the scariest incarnation of Satan I have ever seen, and one episode that feels like The Thing meets The Mist (and it's just as amazing as that sounds). For further evidence, here is my countdown of the 10 most genuinely scary Who villains. It is definitely not a bloody show but what it lacks in gore it makes up for in terror and creepiness.

Breaking Bad (AMC)

Arguably the best show on television, Breaking Bad grabs you from the first episode and never lets go. With completely flawless writing and incredible performances all-around, the show is a must-see for everybody. Still, horror fans in particular should take notice, as the show is packed with intense violence, an impressive body count, and some stellar gore courtesy of the legends at KNB EFX Group.

Game of Thrones (HBO)

At first glance, some may dismiss Game of Thrones as another Lord of the Rings-esque epic for fantasy geeks who spend their weekends playing D&D. While those types will certainly enjoy it, Thrones has wide-reaching appeal. Horror fans in particular will love the bloody violence and the familiar genre alumni (Sean Bean, Lena Headey). Oh, and did I mention this show has zombies? Seriously.

I would love to hear some more examples from TV fans. What shows would you recommend to lovers of the macabre? 

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