Video: First 10 minutes of dystopian comedy (?) 'The FP'

This wacky looking dystopian dance film is listed on IMDB as a comedy, but I truly hope it is not. If it is, the filmmakers have sure done a fine job of looking sincere. The FP refers to Frazier Park, a deadly arena wherein two rival gangs compete for control via "Beat-Beat Revolution" competitions. So the film has that ridiculous premise, awful acting, and some hilariously bad dialogue. 

However, the movie also has some legitimate actors in it, such as James Remar and Clifton Collins, Jr. And it is being released by Drafthouse Films (see the sweet Mondo poster above?). All that - and the quality cinematography - seem to suggest this ain't The Room. It will probably be more like Black Dynamite, but with a less obvious parody approach. Either way, it looks fucking hilarious, as you can see just in these first ten minutes. Take a look, and get ready to guffaw:

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