Now on VOD: 'Would You Rather'

I almost dismissed Would You Rather after seeing the hideous cover art (left). Fortunately, I saw Jeffrey Combs was attached and gave the trailer a look. Color me surprised, it actually could be pretty good! Granted, the title is ridiculous, and the plot sounds contrived, but the footage and actors involved have my curiosity piqued. Jeffrey Combs plays a millionaire who invites desperate strangers to his home for a twisted game of "Would you rather?" The dinner guests include Brittany Snow, Sasha Grey, and John Heard. Looks a bit like Clue meets Saw, perhaps. Take a look:

I am usually the first one to roll my eyes at another "make your choice" horror film, but this trailer has swayed me. The film looks sick, gory, and darkly funny. Not to mention the cinematography looks pretty solid. Plus, the inclusion of Combs is almost always a guaranteed win. Would You Rather hits On Demand on February 8th, and will have a limited theatrical run. 

Fun Fact: The director of this film, David Guy Levy, was once a guest co-host on the podcast "Comedy Bang Bang", which commonly features a game called "Would You Rather". Hmmm, coincidence?

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