Africa's Best-Worst Action Movie Trailers

By: Heather Seebach

If you are a user of the Internet and a lover of all things WTF, then you have no doubt already stumbled upon one of these hilariously over-the-top action film trailers from Africa. Informally called "Ghallywood" and "Wakaliwood", this trend began a couple years back when Who Killed Captain Alex? showed up on YouTube. Mostly released by Ninja Movies Production Studio and Ramon Film Productions, the homemade trailers have only gotten crazier since then.

With homemade FX, screaming narrators, and incomprehensible plot lines, I consider these to be the second-coming of grindhouse trailers from the 70s and 80s. In both cases, the film being advertised is low-budget and exploitative. Most of the time, the trailer itself becomes more entertaining and popular than the film it promotes.

Just like grindhouse trailers, these ads are dominated by violence, gore, screaming, and the constant repetition of the title (both vocally and visually). And it is all done without irony or homage, as opposed to something like Machete or Hobo with a Shotgun. These trailers are not going to earn Africa any respect in the cinema community, but they sure are good for a laugh. Here is a countdown of my favorites:

10. Operation Wambley

This is definitely the most intelligible entry on the list, but the narrator (WEMBRAY!) plus CG blood and glass are sure to inspire some laughs. Coming very, very soon near you!

9. Nkrato 

This one is just full of WTF. Highlights include a creature that resembles Bebop (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) punting a rock at someone, and some ugly dude burping a kitten.

8. Godfather 

Not to be confused with the Academy Award winning Godfather 1 & 2. I have no idea what this movie is about, but there is martial arts and a skeleton archer. And I think there is a demon lady who has the power to...recycle?

7. Rockson Film Production Demo Reel

Okay, this is not just for one movie but a demo reel comprising four films (I think): Man Kumfo, Atrimoden, Ewiemu Atumfo, and Ananse. They include snakes, dwarfs, the Terminator, killer furniture, and Spider-Man.

6. The Return of Uncle Benon

I don't know who Uncle Benon is or how exactly this is a return, but this trailer promises right on the screen that you can expect an "Action Packed Movie." This one has martial arts, motorcycles, and rocket launchers. I'm still trying to figure out why Ramon Film Production uses Bette Midler music in their intro. Make sure you watch this trailer until the very end - 1:43 is epic.

5. Tebaatusasula

This one has a great narrator who ensures you won't forget the title of the film (even if you can't pronounce it). My favorite part is 0:25 when the narrator just starts screaming "WALALALALALALA!" Once again, make sure you stay until the end for 1:30. TEBAATUSASULA! Cooming soon.

4. Obonsam Besu (Devil May Cry)/The Killer

Somehow the first clip is supposed to be related to the video game, Devil May Cry, but don't ask me how. There is a devil alright. And The Killer is about an evil CGI lion. 

3. 12:00

This one has some of the better gore FX of this list, but that does not say much. This one also has English subtitles. Looks like Ninja Movies Productions is moving up in the world!

2. 2016

This one features what I can only assume is the inevitable lovechild of an Alien xenomorph and a Predator. Plus, the Terminator! Stay for the epic infant punt. If this is what 2016 looks like, we are all fucked.

1. Who Killed Captain Alex?

Here is the trailer that started it all. With over-the-top violence and a hilarious screaming child narrator, this one remains my favorite. ACTION! AYAYAYAYA!

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