Robert Pattinson re-creates Cronenberg scenes

DAMMIT, Twilight boy, stop making me like you! When Robert Pattinson joined Water for Elephants, it was a little step in the right direction. But when he became attached to star in David Cronenberg's triumphant return to mind-fuckery entitled Cosmopolis, well, that was one gigantic fucking leap in the right direction. And now Premiere France magazine has him re-enacting famous scenes from Cronenberg films. They had this to say of the shoot:

"To say that he got involved in the making of the photoshoot is an euphemism. The first images of Scanners and Videodrome we prepared for him as an inspiration for the future snapshots came back to us with an unexpected commentary: Rob was sorry that they weren’t more daring, wanting to push all the limits with this shoot – the complete opposite of what someone in his position would have asked....After seeing the results of this shoot, we’re ready to bet that you won’t look at Robert Pattinson the same way again. That the last pretense who might still weigh on the actor will fly away as fast as they appeared."

These photos might not be enough to erase the memory of Twilight, but I suspect Cosmopolis will. Good on ya, Robert. You could make a believer out of me afterall. Here are some photos from that Premiere shoot (with the source material for comparison):

Dead Ringers:



More photos and the full article can be found here. And in case you have not seen the stellar Cosmopolis trailer yet:

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