Red-Band Clip: 'Dredd 3D'

Last month, the first trailer for Pete Travis' DREDD 3D arrived with fairly positive reactions for what seems like a pretty faithful adaptation of the 2000 AD comics. This past week the film was debuted at San Diego International Comic-Con to even more positive reviews. Distancing itself as much as possible from the 1995 Sylvester Stallone film, Judge Dredd, this R-rated sci-fi promises to be bleak and brutal with no metal codpieces.

The film stars Karl Urban as the one-man judge, jury, and executioner in a futuristic dystopia. Alongside Olivia Thirlby's rookie judge, Dredd must fight his way through a sealed building full of a crime lord (Lena Headey)'s foot soldiers. If this all sounds uncomfortably like The Raid: Redemption, you are not wrong. I will give Dredd 3D the benefit of coincidence...for now. Here is a new red-band clip from the film, check it out:

Any excitement I had for this movie was kinda destroyed by this clip. Now, firstly, understand that the premise of this scene is the drug "Slo-Mo" taken by the criminals slows down their perception. So yes, the obnoxious slow-motion has a purpose here. Does that make it okay? Not really. But worse than the excessive slow-mo is the hideously fake-looking blood. Fuck your 3-D, give me practical gore!

Now let's discuss what I DO like about this movie. First and foremost - it was written by Alex Garland (28 Days Later, Sunshine). The man has a talent for sci-fi, so that is a huge plus. Secondly, it was shot by Danny Boyle's other go-to man, cinematographer Anthony Dod Mantle. 

Third, the lead villain is a woman, which is a refreshing change, played by Lena Headey no less, so she's sure to be delightfully nasty. Plus indie darling Olivia Thirlby gives the film a bit more legitimacy, as well. As for Urban, well, I dig the guy, but that scowling is going to get annoying.   
Practical gore? Yes, please, more of this!!
I really hope Dredd 3D finds the right blend of dark and campy because it seems to be going for both. I love over-the-top violence, and I love gritty, but they rarely go hand-in-hand. Cornball 3-D gore was great in Piranha 3D but that was practically a comedy, not "A Clockwork Orange meets Blade Runner" like these filmmakers are promising. So I worry this is doomed to be like another Ghost Rider movie rather than something awesome or poignant.   

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