Holiday Gift Ideas for Horror Movie Lovers - Part 2

In case you missed it, click here for the cheaper horror gift ideas in part 1.

The Not-As-Affordable ($51 - $100)

The Walking Dead Season 2 Blu-Ray Collector's Set ($75)

This limited edition set features the unfortunate walker who's eye Andrea jammed a screwdriver into. 

Another sexy idea for the sick and twisted women in your life.

The Walking Dead Video Game ($50+)

This 2012 game by Telltale Games, not the be confused with Activision's forthcoming first-person shooter, has already been named Game of the Year by Spike TV and garnered praise from numerous other video game experts.


Homemade Horror Figures ($50-$80ish)

These hand-made figures boast incredible quality and detail, plus they cater to fans of lesser-known horror films that would not usually get action figures (Dead Alive, They Live, etc.)

Zombie Bleeding Target ($90) 

Forget tv shows and video games, what better practice for the real thing than zombie targets that actually bleed?


The Expensive ($101 - $500)

Hammer Horror Dracula Doll ($125)

For the classic horror fan. 

Zombie Marvel and Star Wars Figures ($150ish)

These hand-made zombie dolls by Curious Goods are addictive. This same artist also makes unique horror film dioramas, custom figures, mirrors, earrings, and more. 


Zombie X Chainsaw Bayonet by Panacea ($500)

This electric chainsaw bayonet (yes, you read that correctly) can be attached to any picatinny railed firearm to make the ultimate zombie-killing weapon. Rifle not included.

The Insanely Expensive ($500+)

Vintage Vampire Hunting Kit Replica ($975)

While everyone else is preparing for the zombie apocalypse, why not equip your friends for the vampire takeover? This kit looks amazing and has everything you'd ever need.

Life-Sized Metal Alien Statue ($7,400)
Drooling yet? Etsy seller Kreatworks also makes life-sized metal statues of Predator, Robocop, and T-800. 

Diesel Powered MechWarrior ($1,350,000) 

Okay, no body can actually afford this but my god it's nice to dream, isn't it? Known as the Kuratas, this MechWarrior actually has a cockpit for you to ride in and smile-activated Gatling guns. I died a little just typing that. 

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