Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett's next, "Guest" announced!

According to Variety, Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett's next collaboration after You're Next (above) will be an action thriller called Guest. Producers Keith Calder and Jessica Wu of Snoot Entertainment will also be returning on the new project, which will begin filming in May. The film will be about "a soldier on leave who befriends the family of a fallen comrade, only to become a threat to all around him when it’s revealed he’s hiding dangerous secrets from his past" (source).

I hope the "Let's put AJ Bowen in everything" trend continues because I adore that man. If you're not yet familiar with this team, they also made A Horrible Way to Die (review), and did the hilariously meta "Q" segment from The ABCs of Death. They were also among the filmmakers on V/H/S and will be returning for the sequel, S-V/H/S. Needless to say, if you're not yet familiar with their names, get on that. In the meantime, You're Next is slated for release this August 23rd.

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