'Bellflower' team needs YOUR help making this kick-ass 80s video game throwback!

Coatwolf, the team behind the sensational indie film Bellflower (one of my favorite films of 2011) are re-teaming for an epic new film and they need YOUR help! Chuck Hank and the San Diego Twins is their throwback to 80s side-scrolling video games and wonderfully over-the-top action films. They will be bringing to the screen those larger-than-life bosses like in the old beat-em-up games, plus high-speed car chases, pyrotechnics, and street brawls. The filmmakers even promise to one-up Oldboy's famous hallway hammer fight with a TEN MINUTE side-scrolling fight scene!

Remember 'Final Fight'?
If you are an 80s baby like me, your loins are quivering right now! Chuck Hank looks like Bellflower meets Scott Pilgrim vs. The World! The Coatwolf team says the film will not be a parody, but rather a gritty, serious throwback.

Now, the team knows how to make a great film on a low budget, but for this project they aim to make the action sequences as mind-blowing as they sound by hiring good stuntmen, pyro-technicians, and a special effects team. To accomplish that, they are hoping to raise the funds via crowd-sourcing. The campaign has 45 days left and they need to raise another $50,000. They offer up some sweet rewards in exchange for your help, too. 
A boss villain
To help out, head on over to http://www.coatwolf.com. The team has provided tons of information, stills, footage, and more to whet your appetite! Or let the filmmakers convince you themselves in this video, which includes footage already shot. Then donate to the campaign! Support indie film! And support bad-ass movies!

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