Trailer: 'Come Out and Play' (w/ my thoughts)

According to ShockTillYouDrop, TIFF selection Come Out and Play will be hitting VOD next Tuesday, Feburary 12th, with a theatrical release to follow in March. Directed, written, and shot by a first-time feature filmmaker named Makinov, Play is a remake of the 1976 Spanish thriller, Who Can Kill a Child? My review of that is here if you're curious. Take a look at the new trailer for the 2013 remake below:


If you have not seen the 1976 film, the story follows a young couple who vacation on a remote island, only to discover it has been overrun by homicidal children. I love the original film, and it has some of the most genuinely disturbing moments I have ever seen - the best of which are almost ruined by this trailer.

Come Out and Play joins the long list of unnecessary horror remakes, but who knows, it could be decent. I was hoping it would be a relatively loose remake, especially with that title, but this trailer shows me it is practically a scene-for-scene remake. And to be honest, I am leery of any director with one name. Still, despite looking way too much like the original (and thus negating its purpose for existence), Play at least looks beautiful, and as always, I will keep an open mind until I see it for myself. What say you? Is this something you will check out?

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