First Image from 'The Rover'

Well, this just jumped to the top of my must-see list. The latest from Animal Kingdom director David Michôd will be a gritty, existential, Australian future-western with Guy Pearce as a nasty villain. D3FHS!K5YHFGN9G&O - sorry, that was from all the drool on my keyboard. This amazing thing is called The Rover, and also stars some little known actor named Robert Pattinson....*blink blink* Honestly, even after Cosmopolis, the guy has yet to impress me, but I'm nothing if not open-minded, especially in a vehicle like this.

EW has the first look at The Rover, check it out:

In the near future, financial collapse sends the Outbacks' criminal types scrambling for old mines, kind of like "a new gold rush", says Michôd. Pearce plays a real nasty one, as you can probably discern from the photo above. Plus, Scoot McNairy is also in this. His recent appearance in Killing Them Softly was the highlight of that film for me.

Then there's this: 

Michôd: “You put cars in the desert in Australia and people are going to think of Mad Max. And with all due respect to that film - and I stress that - I think The Rover is going to be way more chillingly authentic and menacing.”

Any film that is even mentioned in the same breath as Mad Max is worthy of my attention, David, let alone one that is also chilling and menacing. Bring it on!!

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