Teaser: "Black Ops 2: Zombie Break Room"

If you are a nerd like me, chances are the following 4 things appear on your radar: zombies; Call of Duty games; The Office; and Michael Dudikoff. Well, there is a forthcoming webseries that combines all of those things! Zombie Break Room is a mockumentary-style series that follows the lives of the Call of Duty: Black Ops zombies at Activision headquarters. There is a new teaser for Black Ops 2: Zombie Break Room, which appear to specifically be about the Ascension map zombies.

It's a really funny concept and the trailer looks promising, take a look:

The cast includes Michael Dudikoff, Peter Cilella, Austin Highsmith, and Felix Ryan. Dudikoff, of American Ninja fame, plays hero Marine Tank Dempsey. If the lovesick zombie in the trailer looks familiar, that might be because Peter Cilella is the star of Resolution, a recently-released movie that was among my favorite films of last year!

You can find more Black Ops 2: Zombie Break Room videos on the YouTube channel, including this funny one of Cilellla's character discussing his least favorite weapon:

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