Ash the Great and Powerful: How 'Oz' Totally Rips Off 'Army of Darkness'

So here's a movie pitch for you: a cocky blowhard gets sucked into another dimension, where his transport is destroyed and he is soon mistaken for a savior. Loving the attention it brings him, he chooses to go along with the fantasy, but is always selfishly thinking of how he can get home. He charms a beautiful local into falling for him, but before long she gets "real ugly" and joins the side of evil. After tricking the whole kingdom into believing in him, he has to go on a quest to retrieve an ancient object from a foggy cemetery. Eventually, the people realize he is a liar and dismiss him as a coward when he appears to be running away. But he wasn't actually running away - he had a secret plan involving "magic" (aka science) tricks he learned in his own world! So he defeats the evil and saves the kingdom. Sam Raimi directs.

Wait, which film are we talking about?

By the way, if any Raimi fans haven't seen Oz yet, do it! If for no other reason than to enjoy the classic Raimi camerawork and a full-on deadite she-bitch at the end. Sam hasn't lost that beloved style one bit.

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