5 Reasons to See 'Evil Dead' (and 5 Excuses-Not-to-See-It That Are Bullshit) - Evil Dead Week: Day 4

By: Heather Seebach

5 Reasons You Should See Evil Dead:

5. The Easter Egg Hunt

For serious fans of the original trilogy, there are plenty of references - some big, some small. A full break-down (for those who have seen the film) will be posted here in the next day or two, but until then, let me advise - you must stay through the entire end credits. There are no less than three geeky surprises for those who love the franchise!

4. Want better horror films? Support movies like this!

All I ever hear from horror fans is how "they don't make them like they used to!" Never mind the great indie and foreign market horror films made every year, mainstream is what matters apparently. And yes, too often we are bombarded with half-assed sequels or bland rip-off's full of CG gore. Well here is what you've been craving, old-school horror fans! The scares, the blood, and most importantly, the genuine heart put into this production. Even if Evil Dead is not the messiah some claim it is, we still need more mainstream horror like it.

3. Evil Dead is its own film

Sure, there are references for the old fans, but the film absolutely works for new fans, too. Raimi is paid homage, but not stolen from. This movie redefines what it means to be a "remake" because it stands on its own with new scenes of horror that will stay burned in your brain. 

2. Gore! Gore! Gore!

Probably the biggest complaint from fans about most modern horror is the lack of good gore, specifically the CGI plague. Do you want old-school dismemberments? Well, look no further. The gore scenes in this are 100% practical, and Fede Alvarez researched illusionist methods to pull of some of these tricks (just as Sam Raimi did). More info on that here.

1. Want to see Raimi and Campbell make another? Then buy a ticket!

Anybody who considers themselves an Evil Dead fan needs to see this movie, or a least buy a ticket. Pull the branch out of your ass and support this film because the success or failure of this film will directly impact whether Raimi, Tapert and Campbell make another ED film. So it's your duty!


5 Excuses-Not-to-See-It That Are Bullshit:

5. "It's not Evil Dead without Ash!"

Oh, really? Firstly, does anyone really think that this movie would be more tolerated if Fede Alvarez attempted to re-cast Ash? Making his own separate branch of the franchise without Ash is the best thing he ever could have done. In fact, Raimi and co. refused to greenlight other treatments because they all involved Ash. 

Secondly, the so-called fans who want this chainsaw-arm-one-liner-spewing-hero must not remember the original film very well. Ash was a pretty much a secondary character until he happened to survive (which is one of the great things about the movie). And there was no machismo - he spent a good portion of the movie underneath bookshelves! So this idea that you can't have Evil Dead without Ash is ridiculous. In fact, I love that elements of that character are subtly dispersed in the new film.

4. "It's just a cash-grab!"

So, making a thoughtful, fan-driven new entry in the franchise is a cash-grab, but having 54-year-old Bruce Campell return in ED4 or AoD isn't? And why is it that established franchises like Friday the 13th, Saw, Texas Chainsaw, etc. can keep shitting out new brainless sequels (often with a new director, btw) and horror fans line up, but the mention of a new Evil Dead after a 20-year hiatus is considered blasphemy?

3. "They should have made a sequel or new series instead!"

They did! While the press has generally labeled this a remake, Fede Alvarez has said that Sam Raimi & co. had no intentions of remaking the classic, but instead wanted a new take on the general story. I like that this one blurs the line between remake and sequel. Hell, Evil Dead 2 pretty much did the same thing. I do NOT consider that movie a remake, but it certainly re-hashed elements of its predecessor. 

Adding to the proof, it was recently announced that the two franchises will ultimately cross over in a later film! Why do you think Raimi & Campbell recently declared that their next film would in fact be Army of Darkness 2 and not Evil Dead 4? To avoid confusion with the new series!

"But, why call it Evil Dead? That's not a sequel name!"

Probably for the same reason Final Destination 4 got titled The Final Destination. Same with Fast and Furious, and The Thing. With the exception of the latter (which some people still refuse to acknowledge is an obvious prequel), fans have no trouble grasping that those are sequels! 

I suspect Sam Raimi believes his portion of the Evil Dead universe (cabin, woods, etc) is done, but in Army of Darkness, the story of Ash lives on. So he asked an exciting new filmmaker to take a stab at what he started.

2. "All horror remakes are shit!"

John Carpenter's The Thing. David Cronenberg's The Fly. Tom Savini's Night of the Living Dead. Alexander Aja's The Hills Have Eyes. Should I continue or do you get the idea?

1. "It just rips off Sam Raimi's film!"

Actually, it doesn't. Believe me, if it did, I would be the first person with pitchforks leading the witchhunt for Fede Alvarez's head. Without giving any spoilers away, the centerpiece horror sequences and kills are new and unique. Sure, there are some familiar scenes (the trees, the arm), but they are presented in a new way - they take an extra step we haven't seen before, while still enjoying the fan-service put there specifically for us.


For more evidence, here is my full, spoiler-free review.

And here is my rant on the film before its release.


This article is part of Evil Dead Week here at VDA! Check back every day for a new Evil Dead-themed article, counting down to the release of Fede Alvarez's Evil Dead!

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