Trailer: 'Hatchet 3'

Well, the Hatchet 3 trailer has arrived. This is clearly the Aliens of the franchise, with the surviving victim being brought back into the fray with a bunch of soldier-types to find the monster. (Hatchets?) I loved the first Hatchet, but was really disappointed with the second. Both were made by Adam Green. This latest sequel is actually helmed by long-time cameraman and first-time director BJ McDonnell, so it could totally go either way. 

Joining cult stars Danielle Harris and Kane Hodder are a few other genre favorites like Zach Galligan and Derek Mears. Check out the gory (NSFW) trailer and tell me what you think: 

Looks pretty damn funny and deliciously gory, I think. "These are somebody's BALLS!" Bring it! 

Hatchet 3 opens in limited theaters on June 14th, then hits VOD and DVD on August 13.

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