100 Days, 100 Monsters will be a book - with your help!

Freelance artist and illustrator Patrick Sparrow started drawing a monster a day back in late February and is now nearing the 100-day mark. His little drawing exercise has acquired a following, prompting him to create the book, 100 Monsters. The final product will not only contain all 100 finished monster sketches but also "bonus art, fun mock monster ads, monster mazes and crosswords, and coloring sections in the back for the big monster kid in all of us." But to get the project off the ground, he needs our help. 

Through the crowd-sourcing site Indiegogo, Sparrow is looking to raise $2,500, and in return is offering some sweet rewards, including signed copies of the book, stickers, prints, and even a custom illustration of you as your favorite monster! Just look at this artwork Patrick whipped of of me as a Deadite:

There are a few examples of his monster sketches below, as well. So follow this link to find to find out more and contribute: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/100-monsters

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