Celebrity Slashers: 'Bieber Fever'

Admit it, 2005's House of Wax became a lot more tolerable when we got to see Paris Hilton take a pole to the face (no, not that kinda pole!). If we must endure these shitty horror remakes, why not have some fun with it? Let's imagine some other famous celebutards getting their horror on, shall we? This first edition of Celebrity Slashers begins with the Biebs in an infectious disease movie called: Bieber Fever.
The film goes something like this...

After a concert, young heartthrob Justin Bieber is retreating to his limousine when a sickly-looking female fan pounces and lays a sloppy wet kiss on him. She is promptly put down by security but not before the Biebs has been infected with her flesh-eating virus. Thinking this is the end of his lesbian-good-looks and music career, Bieber climbs to the top of a Beverly Hills Dolce & Gabbana and prepares to throw himself to an early death. Suddenly, he is spotted by a group of teenaged girls who begin screaming - not in horror, but in excitement! "Who IS that hottie with his face peeling off?!"  

The girls begin fighting over who gets to let Justin bleed on them first. It is then Bieber realizes there is life after flesh-eating disease. "Never say never!" he whispers to himself and steps down from the ledge. But he slips on a piece of his face that has dripped off, and plummets to the pavement where he promptly explodes on impact. Like this:

In the final moments, all that can be heard is the sound of fangirls sobbing, "Baby, baby, baby, nooo..."

The End.

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