Sharlto Copley joins 'Chappie'

It's a surprise to no one but it's been announced that Sharlto Copley has joined the cast of Neill Blomkamp's next film, Chappie. Sharlto, of course, blew our minds with his debut (!) lead performance in Blomkamp's first feature, District 9. The South African duo re-teamed again for the soon-to-be-released Elysium, so it stands to reason that this next one would also feature Copley. 

Nevertheless, I am very excited about this because I am a giant fan of the supremely talented (and adorable) Mr. Copley, and better yet, Chappie is a sci-fi comedy! Between D9 and The A-Team, Sharlto has shown us how funny he can be - I am so ready for a mad comedy. And considering the only other cast members so far are Ninja and Yo-landi Vi$er from Die Antwoord, well, we must be in for something bizarre as fuck.

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