Check out Rob Dimenson in 'Baggage'

Podcast host, horror personality, and indie filmmaker Rob Dimension, who brought us the short No Clowning Around, has written and starred in another short called Baggage. That film, after some successful crowd-sourcing, is now available for pre-order. It will be released on August 16th, and Rob and wife Kim will be on-hand at New Jersey's Monster Mania with DVDs, posters, and shirts.

In Baggage, Rob plays Benjamin, who seems like your average clean-cut American, but an incident breaks down his "normal" life. Director Jeremiah Kipp describes the short as reminiscent of "the Gothic tales of Edgar Allen Poe but a modern interpretation in an urban environment." He also had this to say:
"We were going for a style that felt like Alfred Hitchcock circa 1960: Bold camera angles, a constantly moving camera to sustain the tension and unnerving God’s-eye-view overhead shots that make Benjamin feel small and oppressed. Every image should resonate with the beauty of a painting, but one where if you look at it too closely, you realize you’re caught up in the swirls of a nightmare.”

Sounds awesome!
If you'd like to pre-order the film or get more information, go here or here

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