"Fresh Meat" Horror Hottie of the Month: Giovanni Lombardo Radice

Editor's Note: I frequently see horror websites that only recognize the heterosexual male portion of their audience with "Hottie of the Week" features showcasing stuff like Danielle Harris in a Maxim spread. Hey, I love the ladies of horror as much as any guy, but why not: a) realize some of your readers like the dick, and b) also pay tribute to that person's accomplishments as well as their sexiness? That is why I started this feature tentatively called "Fresh Meat" to honor horror's more masculine hotties. If anyone would like to suggest a hottie, feel free comment below or email me! -Heather

This month's honoree is Italian horror actor Giovanni Lombardo Radice, also known by the pseudonym John Morghen. He has starred in such genre classics as City of the Living Dead, Cannibal Apocalypse, Stage Fright: Aquarius, and Cannibal Ferox.

The Rome-born actor is known primarily for his incredibly violent films (and the violent deaths he endures in them), though Lombardo Radice confesses he was never a big fan of violent horror films. He is actually a serious animal lover in real life (my favorite thing about him) and as such he refused to take part in the animal killings seen in those Italian splatter flicks. According to IMDB, this exchange happened on the set of Cannibal Ferox:
Director Umberto Lenzi tried to convince Lombardo Radice to do the killings by telling him, "De Niro would do it," to which GLR responded, "De Niro would kick your ass all the way back to Rome." 

I've only talked to Mr. Lombardo Radice briefly on Facebook, but I can tell he has a kind heart and loves his fans (even if the genre isn't his "cup of tea"). And since this IS the "Fresh Meat" column, I would be remiss to not mention that he is one of the hottest things in horror. Ever. See visual evidence below. 

Got a horror hottie you wanna suggest? Comment below or send me an email at [email protected]!  
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