Korean revenge/sci-fi/western 'Showdown at the Cataclysm' will kick you in the face!!

I first heard about Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead's forthcoming Showdown at the Cataclysm in January, during my video interview with the fellas about their stellar debut horror, Resolution. Only then it did not have a title, just one hell of a synopsis. Here is how Moorhead described the post- apocalyptic western (paraphrased):

"It's a western Korean revenge movie, but it's set billions of years in the future after the Earth has died of natural causes. The sun is now looming on the horizon, just about to completely envelope the Earth. It's just a dusty, hot wasteland. Our protagonist is an immortal android, who has been imprisoned since our near future and just now got out. He treks down the last road in humanity with his android dog and he's in search of his creator, the Father. He wants to get revenge on Him for giving him human emotions and eternal life, and wants Him to shut him off before the sun envelopes everything and he's just a hard drive floating through space forever. And along the way, he finds the last humans who are now cyborgs, who cannot die [naturally], and he compassionately euthanizes them before they suffer a worse death at the hands of this gigantic looming sun. It's kind of this strange, mythic tall-tale with a lot of dust on it. A lot of the time the stakes are, is your main character going to live or die? But the stake in this one is - is your character going to die on time?"

I practically starting salivating on-camera at the very idea of that. Korean-inspired revenge sci-fi western?! From VDA favorites Benson and Moorhead?! Please don't let me die before this happens!

Well, word on that movie has been quiet since - until now! The Network of Asian Fantastic Films has announced its 2013 selections and Showdown at the Cataclysm (as it is now called) is on the "It Project" list! During the Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (PiFan) in July, all the selected filmmakers will get an opportunity to meet with international investment companies and/or production companies, along with the chance to win awards and post-production support. 

From the NAFF selection committee: 

“This year’s official It Project selections will broaden the realm of international genre film industry with their original ideas, narratives, and cinematic styles embracing its unique genre elements. The selection committee hopes and believes NAFF will be a solid bridge to help make the 21 selected projects into finished films as they can encounter film audiences from all over the world.”

To see who else was selected for NAFF, go here

Here is the full interview where me, Justin, and Aaron discuss Resolution, horror films, and all their forthcoming projects (including Showdown):

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